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To excel, manufacturers must find new and unique opportunities to continuously improve operations, create new opportunities, strike a balance among several important functions to compete successfully, focus on product innovation, form partnerships to continually improve the manufacturing process and leverage resources ensuring that capabilities are used adequately. Danush understands the unique pressures that manufacturers face.

Our expertise with having worked with this industry that includes composite materials, pharma, food & beverages, chemical, plastic products, office equipment, textiles, office supplies and more; makes us uniquely placed to use the knowledge and experience gained to improve each Manufacturing customer’s IT infrastructure as a means to improve business operations.

We deliver industry-specific outsourcing and IT infrastructure services including enterprise application hosting, remote managed services and IT infrastructure services.

The services we provide to Manufacturing Industries

  • WAN/LAN management
  • Desktop and device management
  • Infrastructure management
  • IT security administration
  • High availability/disaster recovery
  • Electronic security system using surveillance
  • Public address systems
  • Fire alarm system & access control solutions.

Some specific benefits to Danush’s manufacturing and distribution customers include:

  • Peace of Mind to focus on core competencies
  • Cost savings that increase returns on existing technology investments
  • Greater ability to respond to changing markets
  • More informed decision-making through objective data
  • Efficient management of suppliers
  • Effective enterprise resource planning
  • Consistently reliable IT delivery for improved productivity and customer service
  • More successful IT initiatives through proven methodologies and best practices
  • Risk mitigation through business continuity and disaster recovery services


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